Rending Drake

I really enjoyed designing my Spitting Drake, so I made a Rending Drake to match! I figure that the Rending Drake and the Spitting Drake are probably closely related species, so I figured that I'd move this guy one step closer to his spitting cousin by giving him patagia under his arms. Other than that, I used the same basic geometry as I did on the Spitting Drake, I just adjusted the sizes of things and added some more teeth into the mouth. I printed this guy with a .25 mm nozzle and .05 mm layers. It'll probably be ok with other hardware, but I can't say for sure.

If you're curious about how I made this model, I put together some instructions about the scale technique that I used on my blog at

As always, the .blend file for this model is available to my patrons at; if you appreciate my work and have got a few bucks to spare each month, please consider joining in!

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