Raven Skull

by Prop3rDude

Raven Skull

Even though the original model was labeld as "repaired", there were still some mayjor issues with the bottom surface. It had some bumps and cracks, which cause slicers like Simplify3D to mess up brims and rafts for this object, since the program does all the calculations for the lowest point of an object. And if that doesn't happen to be a surface.... well, you end up with a floating object, balacing on a pinhead.
Well, since the original creator refuses to upload a fixed version of his/her repaired version, I invested the 2min it took to cut a clean surface in the models base, losing only about 0.1mm of the bottom.

You are welcome. ;)

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Ravenskull-Fixed-base.stl 43.9 MB 3 years, 2 months ago
Preview of Ravenskull-Fixed-base.stl Preview of Ravenskull-Fixed-base.stl Preview of Ravenskull-Fixed-base.stl
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