Dragonborn Paladin v2

by doesntfearzeus

Dragonborn Paladin v2

My Dragonborn Paladin - Arjhan Nemmonis
Update(2018/12/19): See Below
Update(2018/12/20): See Below

Been using a Heroforge mini for 2-3 years but it snapped on me (Had another snap on me too about the same time). It was time to make my own model.

Needed someone in full plate and "The Sorcerer" looked amazing.

  • Replaced his head with the head from "Son of Frost Dragonborn."
  • Reposed his left arm so sword goes to the ground. Lengthened sword to get it to the ground. Fixed fingers so armor is solid (gaps in knuckles)
  • Removed spell effect from right hand, rebuilt fingers, lengthened arm so both arm lengths match (this was a weird one a friend pointed out and once seen it couldn't be unseen).
  • Reposed right arm forward and hand left empty in case you want to put something in it.
  • Angled stance upright and needed riser to ensure feet are on solid ground.

Cut head off of "Son of Frost Dragonborn"

Cut tail off of "Torinn - Dragonborn Fighter"

  • Cut into three sections so could pose it more up the back and tilt it down
  • Fixed base of tail to be rounder to facilitate supports. Removed struts.

He's a big character (6'8'') and my scale for mini's is ~36 for normal height so he's at almost 40mm total height.

Thanks for all of the original designers to give me the things I needed to put this character together.

Update(2018/12/19): Uploaded new baseless version. Got both feet flat to the ground. Tail is slightly modified, looks like the rounded tip is much easier to print. Added Base model as well so you can glue on afterwards.

Update(2018/12/20): New update of original model with some additional changes to make more printable. Also this is a clean upload that doesn't ask for repairs(finally figured that one out). Uploaded with 10 sided base so you can lay it flat on it's back for more reliable printing with supports. Base is un-merged if you want to replace it.

Added prints at 0.02mm from Elegoo Mars

File Size Updated Download Zip
Arjhan_base.stl 23.3 KB 1 year, 1 month ago
Preview of Arjhan_base.stl
Arjhan_v10g3m_baseless.stl 22.0 MB 1 year, 1 month ago
Preview of Arjhan_v10g3m_baseless.stl Preview of Arjhan_v10g3m_baseless.stl Preview of Arjhan_v10g3m_baseless.stl
Arjhan_v10p.stl 20.6 MB 1 year, 1 month ago
Preview of Arjhan_v10p.stl Preview of Arjhan_v10p.stl Preview of Arjhan_v10p.stl
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