Wan Han, The One Armed Samurai

by doesntfearzeus

Wan Han, The One Armed Samurai

I must have a thing for archers lately. Actually started this one before the Elf Acrobat model.

The name came from the source artist. Like the elf, was looking for D&D character images and found this lovely piece of art as one of the top post in the last month or so and I had to make a model of it. The unique character design and pose represented a challenge and something exciting to try to recreate.

Posing and base figure came from Desktop Hero Beta. Outfit also from there, but almost everything has been re-sculpted so little of her outfit remains. Shoes and armor are made to match the art as much as possible. Missing arm sleeve is made to look like shortened or tied off.

Bow and Quiver were using Desktop Hero items below, but modified duplicated and stretched to fit. Elf Archer Acrobat model got a slightly smaller version of this bow. Arrow, arrowhead and strings custom. Quiver fletches added to arrow and sculpted to make it show better.

Bow Sling added to bow to make it stay on her foot after firing.

Some hair sculpting to blend with outfit better.

Got the samurai sword from my previous Human Samurai Fighter. but stretched and scaled to be Wakizashi and moved to correct side of body so she can draw it.

Took the base source and cut it's outer ring off, built a new under base for it and scaled appropriately.

Not to sure about how the body armor came out. Might take another pass at that and release an update later.

Be careful cleaning around leg and base since you can snap her leg. Tried to thicken a little there to help.

Showing 80mm and 40mm version. 80mm obviously has size to show details better. 40mm is about minimum to show details and have bow strings\shaft thick enough to print well and not break easily.

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Wan Han, The One Armed Samurai by doesntfearzeus is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.