Kickboxer v2

by doesntfearzeus

Kickboxer v2

UPDATE(08/12/2018): Finally found a new(old) source for a proper chinese ponytail thanks to Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux(1827-1875)'s bust "Le Chinoise". I borrowed his hair and remodeled the ponytial to suit this model. I've also beefed up his muscled on arms and legs to make stronger prints. PLUS I made a new bamboo floor piece for him to stand on. The print looks a little rough, I think my nozzle needs to be replaced after printing alot of woodfill PLA.

Got inspired to create a really cool and unusual posed Monk mini for my DnD character. It was a bit of a challenge to myself to see if I could and it could stand upright well. Some more knowledgeable gamers might recognize the pose as one frequently done by Van Damme.

I wish there was a better monk ponytail option but I've never found something I could work with and my modeling skills are not that good.

Model was done using DesktopHero3D. Pose and Character are shared to that system if you want to manipulate and customize this model more. Make sure to re-settle it on the ground before printing. To get his legs posed this way the export from DH3D is at a weird orientation.

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kickboxer_15_m.stl 49.7 MB 3 years, 10 months ago
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kickboxer_3.stl 6.3 MB 3 years, 10 months ago
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