Horse Tether

This is a horse tether post for my Adventurers Camp! Print some horses to go with it, there's tons of great ones on here. Saddle was an old model from sketchup warehouse I heavily modified.

FYI these are the horses in the picture:

ABOUT THE ADVENTURERS CAMP: The “Adventurers Camp Collection” (View Collection or See Pics) contains everything you need to create a fleshed-out camp for your adventurers, hunters, bandit party, etc. I personally love small touches, so I tried to use a large mix of accessories and items throughout to make it feel lived-in and fit a fantasy world. There are accessory-free versions of the bedrolls and tents that are easier to paint and can be used in post-apocalyptic or any other genre, and the rest of the items should work well across genres. The design for the bedrolls & tents were heavily influenced by the awesome work of Tiny Furniture and awesome suggestions from folks on Facebook. Stay tuned for more awesome stuff, and feel free to leave a tip if you enjoyed! Also thanks to all the other contributors (aka Dutchmogul, Curufin, etc) who had tons of awesome free items/accessories for me to remix and use!

For printing, I did everything in the pics @ .08mm layer height and a relative slow speed (~35mm/s). Nothing needs supports except the horse tether pole, which needs very little. Make sure you print with 2 or 3 top layers also.

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Horse Tether by ecaroth is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.