Earthen Grasp

I saw a post on Reddit a few days ago asking about a 3D Printable mini for the 5th Edition D&D spell, Earthen Grasp. I'm not too familiar with this edition of D&D, but I was intrigued by the concept of an "earthen grasp". Also, I wanted to learn more about using stencils to apply textures to my models, so this seemed like a good opportunity =)

So, here's my take on a giant stone hand, enjoy! As always, the .blend file for this model is available to my patrons at! If you enjoy my work and have a few dollars to spare each month, please consider joining up =)

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Earthen_Grasp.stl 25.2 MB 3 years, 2 months ago
Preview of Earthen_Grasp.stl Preview of Earthen_Grasp.stl Preview of Earthen_Grasp.stl
Earthen Grasp by VirtuallyJason is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.