Battlefield Elemental

by dutchmogul Patreon

Battlefield Elemental

Starting today, we're launching "Monster Mondays," a regular feature where we upload a new monster miniature design to our online storefront, with our Patreon supporters getting free access. Each unique character will include RPG rules for our own D6Modular system (currently in beta for our patrons) and rules compatible with 5E Dungeons & Dragons.

As with all of our upcoming monster designs, this one prints without need of support on FDM printers.

For those of you supporting us (or thinking about supporting us) on Patreon, our patrons get special access to our store releases as they come out (not to mention license options to sell printed versions of our designs).


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BattlefieldElementalD6ModularRules.pdf 245.8 KB 3 years, 2 months ago
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Preview of BattlefieldElemental.stl Preview of BattlefieldElemental.stl Preview of BattlefieldElemental.stl
BattlefieldElemental5eRules.pdf 281.7 KB 3 years, 2 months ago
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