Wyvern Tiles Starter Set

Wyvern Tiles Starter Set

This set will get you a nice starter dungeon using the free tiles from Wyvern Tiles.

I'm all about magnets with my tiles, so this set is doesn't use the generic base that comes with it by default. It uses OpenForge's magnetic openlock bases, so you should purchase 5mm ball magnets before delving into this (link in the supplies area). I've made it so it takes exactly 2 packs of magnets to create this set.

Each base does have an openlock option, so you could get away with not having magnets, but they're highly recommended for building rooms on the fly. I wanted to have the option just in case, but you shouldn't plan on printing any OpenLock connectors. Once you go magnets, you never go back.

If you want more tiles like this from them, check out their patreon.


  1. Take a 2x2 base (base.plain.square.wyloch.2x2.magnetic.openlock.stl) and put a 5mm magnet into each hole.
  2. Glue a matching top piece (like a Cobblestone-Field.stl) onto it, making sure you don't get glue into any magnet holes.
  3. Repeat for the rest of them.