Dungeon Stone Spirit Shrine

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Dungeon Stone Spirit Shrine

It's been a long time, and I really needed to finally close out the elemental shrines. Since I was using the wiccan model of 4 earthly elements spirit, this, the last shrine is the spirit shrine.

Realizing that the pentacle was a star surrounded by a circle, it seemed natural to make this room round and embed a really large pentacle in the floor. That being said, people have gotten used to the wall symbols and single floor symbols from the prior shrines, so I tossed those in as well. I've only done the main shrine (currently) in Dungeon Stone, but the wall and floor bits are all in Dungeon Stone, Cut-Stone and Ruined Stone to fit with the prior shrines.

Coming up with a good alter for spirit was kind of hard, but, well, I've been watching game of thrones to get prepared for the final season, and it hit me that a Weirwood tree would make a great centerpiece.

The other thing this release does is make it so that in general, you can now do 4x4 round rooms with an opening on one of the cardinal directions.